Whatup Gangstars! video podcast

In Whatup Gangstars! podcast they talk about music, raising squirrels, sneakers, Ginette Reno’s superb tattoos, skate, sloppy Joe shark hunting, graffiti, fixed gear, the Pharaoh’s diet and of course, about the greatest city in the world, Montreal. Plus, they’ll reveal who killed JFK in Dallas, on November 22nd 1963; why UFOS only land in the States (Is Nevada a day spa for extra-terrestrials?) and how come graphite hockey sticks break so easily.

What Up Gangstars – Episode 01 – Graffiti from Jay Louis on Vimeo.

What Up Gangstars – Episode 02 – Skateboard from Jay Louis on Vimeo.

What Up Gangstars – Episode 04 – Fixed Gear from Jay Louis on Vimeo.

What Up Gangstars – Episode 05 – Les Filles de T-Unit from Jay Louis on Vimeo.

What Up Gangstars – Episode 06 – Toy Design from Jay Louis on Vimeo.

What Up Gangstars – Episode 07 – Soccer from Jay Louis on Vimeo.

What Up Gangstars – Episode 08 – Kung Fu from Jay Louis on Vimeo.

What Up Gangstars – Episode 09 – Tattoo from Jay Louis on Vimeo.

What Up Gangstars – Episode 10 – Restaurants du Plateau from Jay Louis on Vimeo.


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