Mixtape: shit! we got paradise


Selection of my favourite old kitch hawaiian tunes. Some of these songs were recorded on vinyl around 1910 so expect that lovely glitchy waikiki-ukulele-love-makin’ sound:)

Pay special attention to the (independently recorded) two last radio show tracks (16 & 17). This great radio show explains how hawaiian music vanished when it was discovered by raging american music industry. A must have.

01 Hawaii Calls Compilation – Introduction
02 Alfred Aholo Apaka – Song Of The Islands ( Na Lei O Ha
03 Kanui And Lula – Oua Oua
04 Nina Keali’iwahamana & Benny Kalama – E Lili’u E
05 Danny Kuaana – Mauna Kea
06 Hawaiian Cumquats – Untitled Song
07 Hawaiian Cumquats – The Pick of the Crop
08 Andy Iona & His Islanders – Hola E Pae
09 Andy Iona & his Islanders – Vana Vana
10 Lani McIntire – Hula Blues
11 Andy Iona – Hooheno Keia No Beauty
12 Jules Ah See – Sand
13 Lani McIntire’s Hawaiians – Maika’i Wale No Kauai
14 Basil Henriques And The Waikiki Islanders – The Shadow Of Your Smile
15 Benny Kalama – Nani Waimea
16 Hawaii Why – Oh! 1
17 Hawaii Why – Oh! 2

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