Mixtape: After Midnight

Weehaa it’s mixtape time!

Everybody knows it, when the DJ stops the music, all the lights go on, and those securitypeople say to you that the club has to close and you were asked to left the club. Then you’re out, the sun is already risin’ and the birds start to sing. But now you’ve got still a big homeway with your bicycle or with your feets till you’re home for sleeping and you want to get down. You’re putting in your headphones, search the calmest playlist, push the play button on the highest volume, because your ears are still astonied, and walk home or even more towing you home.

So heres a mix from me, with some new and vintage sound for your homewalk after the after party. I don’t pledge that you’ll not doze off when you make a break on a bench and this mixtape can as well be listened to drop off.

First of all here’s the playlist

01 Girls – Lust For Life (from the album Girls)
02 The Unborn Chicken Voices – missing schoolgirl (from the album We don’t play guitars)
03 The Kinks – Waterloo Sunset (from the album The Ultimate Collection)
04 The National – Fake Empire (from the album The Boxer)
05 Alaska in Winter – Berlin (from the album Holiday)
06 Black Lips – Starting Over (from the album 200 Million Thousand)
07 Bob Marley – Roots Rock Reggae (from the album Natural Mystic)
08 Grizzly Bear – While You Wait for the Others (from the album Veckatimest)
09 Oasis – Half The World Away (from the album The Masterplan)
10 Possessed by Paul James – Committed (from the album Possessed by Paul James)
11 Bat For Lashes – Use Somebody (Kings of Leon Cover)
12 The Velvet Underground – Heroin (from the album The Velvet Undergound and Nico)
13 Michael Rose – Warrior (from the album Warrior Dub)
14 Jamie T – The Mans Machine (from the album Kings & Queens)
15 The Antlers – Two (from the album Hospice)
16 Nico – These Days (from the album Femme Fatale)
17 Sufjan Stevens – Chicago Acoustic (from the album The Avalanche)
18 Jamie Woon – Wayfaring Stranger (from the EP Wayfaring Stranger)
19 Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson buriedfed (from the album Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson)
20 M83 – Midnight Souls Still Remain (from the album Saturdays = Youth)

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