Melvins – Electric Flower

Short Film: Blow Rider

Written and Produced by Plague Productions; directed by Sean James Sutton.

kathryn macnaughton

Mixtape: Ride The Last Wave – 30 Surf Hits Around The World

1 The Fathoms – Fathom This (USA)
2 Bambi Molesters – Central Coast Swing (Croatia)
3 Los Twang Marvels – Sea of Glory (Germany)
4 Martin Cilia – Return of the Surf Guitar (Australia)
5 Wadadli Riders – Killer Wave (Antigua)
6 Surf Coasters – Dreams (Japan)
7 Tormentos – Locked In (Argentina)
8 Surfites – Tail Slides (Sweden)
9 Wet Tones – Lightning Strike (Italy)
10 Beat Tornados – Kreml De La Kreml (Norway)
11 Astroglides – Turkish Delights (Isreal
12 Phantom Frank – Punjabi (Netherlands)
13 Los Coronas – Big Wave Riders (Spain)
14 Invisible Surfers – Down At Santa Marina (Greece)
15 El Ray – Tornado (Denmark)
16 Fifty Foot Combo – SL 54 Automatic (Belgium)
17 Dead Rocks – Center of the Universe (Brazil)
18 Messer Chups – Flash of Green (Russia)
19 Mel Tones – Rocket Sled to Oahu (Canada)
20 Bitch Boys – Surfin’ Tide (Slovenia)
21 Star & Key of Indian Ocean – Easy Tune (France)
22 B-Sea Surfers – On Freeway (Latvia)
23 Bahareebas – Dunewalk (Switzerland)
24 Lost Acapulco – Aqua Vulva (Mexico)
25 Kanibales Surf Combo – Cold Water Tiburon (Chilie)
26 Dr Frankenstein – Surfin’ at Samouco Beach (Portugul)
27 Thurston Lava Tube – Gluon Boy (United Kingdon)
28 Lunatics – Top Secret (Fineland)
29 Surf Me Up Scotty – Mr Moto (Luxembourg)
30 Supersonicos – Pipe Mind (Uruguay)
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Live Free

Live Free is a documentary short on Royal Street Tattoo written by Bijani Casalan and directed by Michael Howell. Although Live Free features Royal Street Tattoo and “covers the philosophy of tattooing as seen from the eyes of the artists at the shop” the documentary goes much deeper. 15 minutes in length, this short is definitely worth the time to view.
Click here to view Royal Street’s work.