Mixtape: Brain Bared to Heaven


for the summer mix series… it’s going for the (minor) psychospiritual experience of trying to have kind of a syrupy phone conversation with a girl and being persistently interrupted by the train passing by. you give up and of course then things quiet down.

the title is from a line in a poem that mentions the el in Chicago, the train that’s been producing this particular experience for me…

hope you’ll forgive the sequencing for being uneven, I guess that was intentional (there are no songs here about trains or phones, just songs I thought sounded like them), maybe you’ll feel like I pulled it off. hope you enjoy it!


1. Geraint Watkins – Only A Rose

2. MF Doom – Hyssop

3. Lantern – Crude Vessels Of Sound

4. Peru – Wedding Song

5. The Red Alaskan Malamutes – Alyssajane

6. Kids On A Crime Spree – Trumpets Of Death

7. Joe Simon – My Adorable One

8. Captain Beef Heart – Dirty Blue Jean

9. Modest Mouse – Baby Blue Sedan

10. Catholic Spray – Captain WOLF

11. Ornette Coleman – Lonely Woman

12. The Legends – Louie Come Back

13. Erykah Badu – You Loving Me

14. Sun Ra – Lanquidity

15. Sun Araw – December

16. Rose Mitchell – Baby Please Don’t Go

17. Dollar Brand – Salaam-Peace-Hamba Kahle

via: dozendogdowry

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