Mixtape: Tricking grandma into listening to the Clash

Tricking grandma into listening to the Clash
I started making mix CDs for my grandma on her birthday.  The first one had Perry Como every other track, and some traditional Irish folk songs, and some Tony Bennett.  But she asked for more music, and I thought I’d get her up to speed on what the kids are into these days.  Maybe if the progression is gentle, she’ll listen to the Clash without even realizing it.
Mix cover is of videographer Phyllis Rodan, and comes from lovolution. She’s not my grandma.

  1. House of Cards – Radiohead
  2. Simple X – Andrew Bird
  3. Orphans – Beck
  4. Carmella (Four Tet remix) – Beth Orton
  5. Meet Me In the City – the Black Keys
  6. Wolfboy – Blair
  7. ROYGBIV – Boards of Canada
  8. That’s Enough for Me – Camper Van Beethoven
  9. Turtles Have Short Legs – Can
  10. Eli – Caribou
  11. Downed – Cheap Trick
  12. Clampdown – The Clash
  13. Vacuum Boots – The Brian Jonestown Massacre
  14. Topknot – Cornershop (+MIA)
  15. No Action (live) – Elvis Costello
  16. more and More Amore – Ernest Ranglin
  17. Test Transmission – Kasabian
  18. Blue Flower – Mazzy Star
  19. Mambo Sun – T. Rex

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