Mixtape: Chansons Pour La Vie: I. Prelude to Henry

This mix came together as I was contemplating the baby boy that’s currently gestating in my wife’s womb, and wondering what must be going on in there, what that might sound like. An imagined electrical soup by-way-of Peter & The Wolf; equal parts ambient noise, mechanical knocks & bangs, maternal memories, future flash forwards, bits of outside noise penetrating the womb (mom listening to a record, family gathered around the dinner table, etc.). More of a psychedelic ambient trip than my usual mixes.

For best results, use a good set of headphones, and keep the concept in mind while listening. It makes a bit more sense that way.


1. Colleen “I’ll Read You A Story” / Harry Belafonte “Day-O”
2. Francois des Roubaix “Xavier et la Maison D’arret” / Harry Nilsson “Little Cowboy”
3. Aphex Twin “Kladfvgbung Micshk” / Grouper “Moon Is Sharp”
4. Oneohtrix Point Never “Describing Bodies” / “Tape to Grandma ’68″
5. Nico Muhly “Music Under Pressure (Flute)” / Harry Belafonte “Matilda Matilda”
6. Pantha du Prince “Lay In A Shimmer”
7. The Dead Texan “Beatrice Pt. 2″ / “Peanut Butter Jelly” / Harry Nilsson “Little Cowboy”
8. Hans Appelqvist “Mormas Fagel”
9. Marcus Fjellstrom “Untitled 090616″ / Peter Walker “Spring” / Harry Nilsson “Little Cowboy”
10. Seahawks “Omega Beach” / Don Henley “Boys of Summer”
11. Stephan Mathieu “Tinfoil Star”
12. Jürgen Müller “Sauerstoff Blassen”
13. Jürgen Müller “Meeresbett Meditation”
14. The Fleetwoods “Tragedy”
15. Oneohtrix Point Never “Stress Waves” / Brian Eno “Signals”
16. Talk Talk “5’09″ / “Christmas 1975″ / Stars of the Lid “Even If You’re Never Awake (Deuxieme)”
17. Triosk “Moment Returns” / Harry Nilsson “Little Cowboy”
18. Aphex Twin “Prep Gwarlek 3b”
19. Aphex Twin “Beskhu3epnm”
20. Tim Hecker “In The Air III” / Tarentel “Isalais Delay” / Harry Belafonte “Day-O”