Weird Vibes,Episode 1: It’s not easy being a Buzzband

Freefarm Reel 2010 by Simon Pyke
Freefarm Reel 2010 from Simon Pyke on Vimeo.

Freefarm music and sound design reel including work for MTV international, Sky, Sony PSP, S4C and more.

Simon Pyke’s involvement in music stretches back 15 years to his first releases as Freeform on some of the most innovative electronic music labels including Warp and Skam records. During this time he also performed extensively all over Europe, Japan and America including an audio visual performance in centre Pompidou, Paris. In 2001 Simon started his sound design & music company Freefarm which has since worked on impressive range of commercial projects including rebrands for SkyTv, MTV, and S4C television in Wales (awards: 2 x silver promax awards 1 x gold). Other notable work includes audio for the launch of the 2012 olymics logo and MTV music video awards. Recent personal projects include Advanced Beauty collaberative DVD project with Universal Everything and generative music for “Forever” installation – a floating monolith in the V&A museum garden in London.