The Flaming Lips Feat. Lightning Bolt – I Wanna Get High But I Don’t Want Brain Damage

WU LYF — Split It Concrete Like The Colden Sun God

Vivian Girls – I Heard You Say

Mixtape: Fantastikoi Hxoi: Dream Sequence mixtape

A collection of new FH remixes and re-edits.
File under: sun-drenched psychedelia, library music and assorted oddities.
Download: Mediafire

Fantastikoi Hxoi (Imaginary Sounds) is a re-edit project based in Athens that draws material mainly from obscure greek pop, rock and folk tunes, among other global music.Using samples from classic or totally forgotten tracks, FH creates a peculiar retro-futuristic sound through complete reconstruction or a drastic re-edit.

leo eguiarte

tomokazu matsuyama


Jon Hopkins – Vessel (Four Tet Remix)

leif podhajsky

TV On The Radio – Nine Types of Light

Nine Types of Light is as much an album as it is a movie by TV on the Radio. The movie is meant to be a visual re-imagining of the record, and includes a music video for every song on the album. The band personally asked their friends and the filmmakers they admired to help direct the music videos. Tunde Adebimpe, the director for the full Nine Types of Light movie, storybooked the music videos together with interviews from local New Yorkers on various topics,      including dreams, love, fame and the future.

words: nialler9

Ei Ka