Mixtape: Seasidal Tendencies

A collection of surfy, sunny rock songs, some older and some more recent. all the songs have guitars and a vintage sound. listen to it on the way to the beach, or riding your bike through the park!
1. “phones don’t feud” by holiday shores (4:10)
2. “ten-twenty-ten” by the generationals (3:23)
3. “walk, don’t run” by the ventures (2:05)
4. “south carolina” by tennis (2:32)
5. “beach holiday” by fort lean (2:43)
6. “youth” by beach fossils (2:37)
7. “true blue” by dirty beaches (2:51)
8. “rumble” by link wray (2:30)
9. “honey” by best coast (3:02)
10. “bury me” by girls names (3:19)
11. “too young to burn” by sonny & the sunsets (3:23)

Vivian Girls – I Heard You Say

Mixtape: Fantastikoi Hxoi: Dream Sequence mixtape

A collection of new FH remixes and re-edits.
File under: sun-drenched psychedelia, library music and assorted oddities.
Download: Mediafire


Fantastikoi Hxoi (Imaginary Sounds) is a re-edit project based in Athens that draws material mainly from obscure greek pop, rock and folk tunes, among other global music.Using samples from classic or totally forgotten tracks, FH creates a peculiar retro-futuristic sound through complete reconstruction or a drastic re-edit.